Swarovski Exact Ring, Gold (Size 60)

Why buy the Swarovski Exact Ring, Gold (Size 60)?

The Swarovski Exact Ring in Gold has been specially designed to add a touch of Swarovski magic to your look this season. This delightful ring has a modern silhouette and is sure to make a welcome addition to any finger. The ring is rose gold plated for a timeless look and features the illusion of three stacking rings in the comfort of one great ring. Highly polished and adorned with clear crystals set using the refined pave technique, the ring creates a beautiful shimmer and dazzling sparkle effect as it catches and reflects the light. The Swarovski Exact Ring in Gold is perfect for every day wear yet combines beautifully with other Swarovski pieces for a glamorous evening look.

This is available in ring size 60.

Just so you know, there are normally three or four ring sizes available for each Swarovski ring. Here is a handy ring sizing guide to help you understand which ring size is best for you:

  • Europe 50 / USA 5 1⁄8 / Japan 9-10 / Korea 50 (S/9-10)
  • Europe 52 / USA 6 (S) / Japan 10-12 / Korea 52 (S/11-12)
  • Europe 55 / USA 7 (M) / Japan 13-15 / Korea 55 (M/14-15)
  • Europe 58 / USA 8 (L) / Japan 16-18 / Korea 58 (L/17-18)
  • Europe 60 / USA 9 (XL) / Japan 19-20 / Korea 60 (XL/19-20)

Swarovski Exact Ring, Gold (Size 60) (5221572)

A stylish way to add glamour to your look

Swarovski Exact Ring, Gold (Size 60) Availability (1)

Find the cheapest Swarovski Exact Ring, Gold (Size 60) with Gifts of Crystal. One stockist is listed below, with a price of £99.00.

Exact Ring at Swarovski

Worldwide deliverySwarovski ships from Austria and delivers to countries worldwide.

Free standard UK delivery on orders over 60

Free gift bag and greetings cardGet a FREE gift bag and greetings card when you order direct from Swarovski. Just tick the boxes as you checkout online.

The Swarovski Exact Ring, Gold (Size 60) will arrive securely wrapped in fine luxurious packaging, ensuring safe delivery of your valuable crystal. Typically, most Swarovski gifts arrive packaged in a dark blue outer box poudly decorated with the iconic Swarovski swan logo, perfect for giving the item as a present!

Swarovski crystal is always a welcomed gift and the Swarovski Exact Ring, Gold (Size 60) is a perfect gift for that special lady in your life. The recommended retail price for a new Swarovski Exact Ring, Gold (Size 60) (Swarovski 5221572) is £99.00. That is roughly equivalent to $201 AUD, $172 CAD, 119 CHF, €113 EUR, 41183 HUF, ¥13253 JPY, 149520 KRW, 515 PLN, 1238 SEK, or $122 USD.

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Here are the search results I found when searching eBay for the Swarovski Exact Ring, Gold (Size 60). The closest matches are displayed first, followed by a selection of fantastic Swarovski crystal gifts.

Before purchasing remember to check the item listings so you know whether they are time based auctions or shop-style Buy It Now deals. Also, remember to check if the condition is New or Used. Many older collector pieces will be listed as Used though more often than not they would have been displayed safely. Lastly, read the seller's description as it should highlight any damage or defects if applicable.

Unfortunately I could not find any available auctions for the Swarovski Exact Ring, Gold (Size 60) (5221572) in the United States of America right now. Don't worry though as new auctions are added every minute so check back here again soon to see whether any collector or retailer have added it to eBay.

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