Bestseller Jewellery Collections for November 2012

The best thing about Swarovski jewellery is the fact that you can mix and match it to create dozens of different looks. When Swarovski release a new product collection they tend to release a set of different products with a complimentary design to one another making it easier to pair great looking jewellery and accessories.

We've put together a list of product collections that are flying off the virtual shelves over at Swarovski right now.

Swarovski Sensation

Swarovski Sensation Pendant (1156253)

The Swarovski Sensation collection features a very elegant and classic style throughout. The collection includes a pendant, a smaller pendant, earrings, smaller earrings and for those that like a bit more colour a gold-plated pendant and a blue Montana earrings and pendant jewellery set.

The collection centres around a pattern designed with multiple tear-drop shapes. A large central shape is surrounded to the upper half with smaller tear-drop shapes and is framed by a single shape at the top and at the bottom of the piece. The pieces use a silver toned rhodium plating complimented with clear crystal pavé to add extra sparkle. The exception here, of course, is with the Montana set which features both clear and Montana crystal and the gold-plated pendant which features gold-plating set against clear crystal.

The smaller pieces (the pendant and earrings, plus the gold-plated pendant) feature a smaller pattern of just one tear-drop pear shape. These look simpler and more discreet though both the full design and the smaller design would compliment different outfits to one another.

Swarovski Lovely Crystals

Swarovski Lovely Crystals White Pendant

The Swarovski Lovely Crystals collection is simply gorgeous, with a range of beautiful pendants and matching watches. Choose from a pendant in white or popping magenta, and choose from watches in white, white metal, magenta, black or black metal.

The style of the range is chic and modern with a certain timeless quality. White Swarovski Zirconia crystals are bound between two bands of tiny Swarovski crystals, all set against a silver-toned backdrop. The pendants hang from a stainless steel chain. The exception is the magenta range which features pink and purple toned crystals too within the central band of crystals.

The watches are simply divine and come with either a leather or metal strap. The watch faces are clean and simple, surrounded by a ring of tiny Swarovski crystals which are then surrounded by the larger crystals as in the pendant design. These two items of jewellery are therefore complimentary so you could wear both to accessorise an outfit.

Swarovski Selma

Swarovski Selma Pierced Earrings

The Swarovski Selma collection is full of statement pieces which fuse simple shapes and design with Hollywood glamour. The set comprises of a bracelet, a necklace, a pair of earrings, a pair of smaller earrings, and a pendant necklace.

The main design of this collection features a tear-drop crystal present in the necklace and earrings. The other pieces feature elongated hoops covered in small clear crystal pavé. The entire collection works seamlessly so you could pair a set of small earrings with a tear-drop crystal pendant necklace for instance.

Swarovski Scintillate

Swarovski Scintillate Pierced Earrings (1156336)

The Swarovski Scintillate range is a small collection comprising of a pendant necklace and earrings set plus a set of earrings. Whilst both pieces have similar traits such as a clear crystal pavé star as a centrepiece, they do offer very different styles. The jewellery set offers a more refined and delicate appearance whilst the set of earrings offers substantially more drama and effect thanks to the cascading pale pink, silver and clear toned crystal balls. Both pieces of jewellery have been ruthenium-plated for a timeless elegance and we'd say both items would appeal to different women, each working well with particular outfits.

Swarovski Sybil

Swarovski Sybil Heart Pierced Earrings (1157994)

The Swarovski Sybil collection is a small grouping of two items, a pendant and a set of earrings. Both come on a silver toned backing and are heart shaped, decorated with tiny baguette-cut clear crystals and clear crystal pavé. These are beautiful pieces and are very elegant, perfect for a loved one and perfect for wearing with a multitude of outfits.

Swarovski Earrings and Necklace Jewellery Sets

Swarovski Merry Set (1062635)

Swarovski have made it incredibly simple to find matching sets of earrings and necklaces or pendants by grouping some of them together into gorgeous one-stop collections. These are perfect for giving as gifts as you don't need to go looking for matching sets as they've already done the hard work for you.

Two of the most popular right now are the Swarovski Brilliance Set and the Swarovski Merry Set.

The Brilliance Set offers a more classical look with a pair of stacked clear crystals offering a distinctive look. Both the pendant and earrings are set against a silver-toned backdrop and both items feature the two stacked crystals design as the focal point.

The Merry Set offers a more festive feel with stars and circles forming a wintry feeling pattern. Also set against a silver-toned backdrop, this earrings and necklace set feature stars dotted with circles all encrusted in sparkling clear crystal pavé. This is perfect for wearing all year around but is especially wonderful for Winter outfits.

This article was published on Thursday 1st November 2012 and any products or offers featured in it may be unavailable now. Where prices are mentioned, these may have since changed from when this article was originally written.

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