Our 5 Favourite Swarovski Bag Charms

Bag charms are a great way to jazz up your handbag, satchel, sports bag, or quite honestly anything with a zip. The range of bag charms from Swarovski all come with a small clip clasp that hooks onto a zip or pretty much anything that will fit through it (such as a cord). We've seen a rise in people buying bag charms recently so we've put together a list of our top five favourite bag charms.

Swarovski Lucien Brown Bag Charm (1047574)

Swarovski Lucien Brown Bag Charm

Lucien is our absolute number one bag charm available right now as he looks so sorry for himself he's just irresistibly cute! He looks like he's had a long life, being passed from generation to generation (with a few bits missing along the way!). He is made from a beige alcantara (an artificial substitute for suede leather) and looks like a tatty teddy bear. Missing an ere and featuring repair effect stitching, he is decorated with a series of coloured crystals. He even has one ear and one leg crafted in smooth brown leather to give a worn look to this gorgeous bag charm. The bear charm is completed by the iconic Swarovski medallion hanging around his neck together with a Crystal Blush necklace.

Swarovski Hello Kitty Bag Charm (1110813)

Swarovski Hello Kitty Bag Charm

Who can resist the cute and adorable Hello Kitty range, and this bag charm is as wonderful as the rest of the pieces in the Swarovski Hello Kitty collection. This charm adds a touch of playful glamour and features Kitty in full glorious colour. Kitty is made from white calfskin. Per pink bow is set with a rose pink crystal, as is her top. Her shorts are set with a two tier row of bright pink crystal mesh. She features a yellow crystal nose adding contrast to the piece. It's a fun and playful bag charm that also looks very cute too!

Swarovski Neutral Bag Charm (1096774)

Swarovski Neutral Bag Charm

This golden charm offers a touch of style and elegance and is much more formal and "grown-up" than the other charms. This beautifully minimal charm consists of a series of discs. Two large, gold toned discs are embossed with the iconic Swarovski Swanflower motif. Two further disc are encrusted with clear crystals set using pave technique. The piece is completed with one final circle which is the Swarovski logo disc. This luxurious charm is perfect for accessorising your bag for more formal occasions.

Swarovski Rose Light Pink Bag Charm (1133820)

Swarovski Rose Light Pink Bag Charm

This playful mouse charm is cute and gorgeous! The mouse itself is sorry-looking making it more adorable. It looks like it's had a good life, well-loved but now neglected. Made from a soft and supple light pink leather, this cute mouse is decorated with a selection of crystals which can be found on its ears, its eye, its paw and its foot. It also has a collar emblazoned with Crystal Mesh.

Swarovski Romantic Indian Pink Bag Charm (1133822)

Swarovski Romantic Indian Pink Bag Charm

We love how this busy hot pink charm looks, as there's plenty going on here. This charm comes with a silver toned clasp leading down to a selection of elements. On its chain is a small disc with the Swarovski logo imprinted on it. In terms of features, it comes with a bright fuchsia calfskin heart that is soft and supple to the touch. This is beautifully decorated with Indian Pink crystals for sparkle. Next we've got a selection of different coloured calfskin tassels (red, baby pink and fuchsia hot pink) that help ties all the elements of this charm together. Lastly, there's an Indian Pink Crystal Mesh bead studded in pink crystals.

This article was published on Monday 25th June 2012 and any products or offers featured in it may be unavailable now. Where prices are mentioned, these may have since changed from when this article was originally written.

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