2012 Limited Edition Swarovski Missy Mo Ornaments

The Mo cow character from the Swarovski Lovlots collection has become an icon in its own right and this year sees four exclusive Swarovski Mo ornaments being released, each limited in release to just 2012. Loved by fans young and old, the Mo cow character ornaments are essential for Lovlots collectors as well as anyone who has fallen in love with this charming cow.

Swarovski Magic Mo (1139968)

Swarovski Magic Mo (1139968)

Magic Mo is a Halloween inspired ornament and makes use of Autumnal colours including purple, black and the obligatory dash of pumpkin orange. In this ornament, Mo wears a black crystal witches hat and is coloured in Blue Violet crystal and features Amethyst crystal horns together with printed yellow stars and moons on her side.

To add a colour contrast and a more obvious Halloween theme, a Red Topaz crystal pumpkin is also included, with a printed carved face and a black crystal witches hat too.

Swarovski Lucky Mo (1096750)

Swarovski Lucky Mo (1096750)

Released earlier in the year, this Mo coincided with St Patrick's Day in Ireland, where the four leaf clover is a central icon. Lucky Mo comes in a gorgeous green colour, thanks to the delightful Peridot crystal. Her bell and horns are fashioned from Peridot Satin crystal, and her body features a printed lady bug motif and the iconic four-leaf clovers.This Mo edition is perfect for collectors but is also a great "good luck" gift. 

Swarovski Bubble Mo (1121763)

Swarovski Bubble Mo (1121763)

This beautiful deep blue Bubble Mo is described by Swarovski as being filled with "bubbles of excitement" and it's true. Rather than using printed motifs the bubbles in Bubble Mo have been laser engraved inside the crystal, giving the illusion that they are really inside her. The deep colour of this ornament is created thanks to the delightfully named Scuba Blue crystal. The horns have been crafted from Air Blue Opal crystal whilst the bell is made from Lavender crystal.

Swarovski Angel Mo (1121763)

Swarovski Angel Mo (1121763)

Lucky Mo is a spring themed ornament, Bubble Mo looks delightfully Summery, Magic Mo conveys an Autumnal theme so it stands to reason that the Angel Mo offers a festive feeling. Styled as a Christmas Angel, Angel Mo fuses a blend of crystal colours to create a fun and playful interpretation of a Christmas theme.

Angel Mo is crafted from Golden Shadow Crystal with an internal decoration of festive stars which have been laser-engraved. She wears a cute pair of Crystal Moonlight wings and features a bell and horns made from Platinum White crystal. Angel Mo makes an ideal decoration or gift this Christmas, besides being a collectors piece.

The Mo ornaments above have been designed by Edith Mair, measure approximately 2.9cm x 4.5cm and are intended for collectors aged 15 years or older. They are a great way to introduce youngsters to appreciate the quality and craftsmanship of Swarovski art and also make excellent Christmas presents.

These four ornaments are only available until the end of 2012 from Swarovski so make sure you buy yours now to avoid missing out.

This article was published on Thursday 4th October 2012 and any products or offers featured in it may be unavailable now. Where prices are mentioned, these may have since changed from when this article was originally written.

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