Swarovski Birds

Birds are beautiful creatures spending most of their time soaring through the skies or perched watching the world go by. The Swarovski range depicts all types of birds from parrots and cockatoos to love birds and swans.

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From £107.10

Swarovski Baby Owls Clear crystal 5249263

Swarovski Baby Owls Clear crystal

Symbolising wisdom and friendship to make a special gift

From £381.65

Swarovski Turtledoves 5249297

Swarovski Turtledoves

A romantic gift designed for adding sparkle to your home

Only £551.65

Swarovski Kingfisher Couple 5136835

Swarovski Kingfisher Couple

A colourful piece inspired by the beauty of kingfishers

From £152.10

Swarovski Cockatoos 5135939

Swarovski Cockatoos

Character and sparkle combine in this stunning piece

From £381.65

Swarovski Rainbow Lorikeet 5136832

Swarovski Rainbow Lorikeet

The tropical world brought to life by Swarovski

Only £1,095

Swarovski Blue Parrots 5136775

Swarovski Blue Parrots

A bright new piece to adorn your Swarovski collection

From £135.20

Swarovski Blue Tits 5004727

Swarovski Blue Tits

Bring a touch of the great outdoors into your home

Only £629

Swarovski Tutelary Spirit, Loving Magpies 5004639

Swarovski Tutelary Spirit, Loving Magpies

A delightful pair of magpies to bring you good fortune

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