Swarovski Charms

Charms are small decorative tags that can be used to accessorise just about anything. They generally affix with a clip and can be added to bags, outfits, hats or even a charm bracelet.

Swarovski charms are colourful and full of the magical sparkles that you'll find in many other Swarovski pieces. Swarovski charms can be added to an existing charm bracelet to add a magic touch of sparkle and sophistication to your existing collection.

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Only £69

Swarovski Ernest Orange Bag Charm 5201632

Swarovski Ernest Orange Bag Charm

A beautiful piece for a cute, kitsch look

Only £49

Swarovski Cupid Bag Charm 5201645

Swarovski Cupid Bag Charm

Give the gift of good luck with this delightful piece

Only £69

Swarovski Arnold Brown Bag Charm 5039235

Swarovski Arnold Brown Bag Charm

Add an edgy touch to any bag with this delightful charm

Only £69

Swarovski Mathilde Silver Bag Charm 5020921

Swarovski Mathilde Silver Bag Charm

A funky yet cute bag charm for a great look

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