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Decorate your home with a wonderful range of decorative ornamental pieces. Display these gorgeous crystal gems however you want to either by displaying them on their own or using them to compliment other home decorations.

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From £199.20

Swarovski Aurora Boreale Christmas Tree 5223605

Swarovski Aurora Boreale Christmas Tree

A delightful way to add sparkle to the festive season

From £143.20

Swarovski Love Couple 5264503

Swarovski Love Couple

Give the gift of love this Valentine's day

From £159.20

Swarovski Swan, Small 5215947

Swarovski Swan, Small

A great addition to any Swaorvski collection this year

From £169.20

Swarovski Crystalline Vase 5236081

Swarovski Crystalline Vase

A great house warming or wedding gift this season

Only £8,995

Swarovski Ganpati 5146993

Swarovski Ganpati

350 hours go into this hand-set crystal piece from Swarovski

From £406.80

Swarovski Swan, Large 5215972

Swarovski Swan, Large

A great way to add sparkle to your look

Only £211.20

Swarovski Ark Shell 5136841

Swarovski Ark Shell

A summer seaside inspired piece to bring back childhood memories

From £71.20

Swarovski Hello Kitty Pink Heart 5135886

Swarovski Hello Kitty Pink Heart

A beautiful piece designed to amaze and delight

From £42.64

Swarovski Brilliant Heart, Small 5136926

Swarovski Brilliant Heart, Small

A highly collectible piece inspired by true love

Only £50

Swarovski Book (English) 5227196

Swarovski Book (English)

Celebrate the intriguing history of Swarovski in this stunning book

From £33.60

Swarovski Christmas Ornament Home Display, Large 5191356

Swarovski Christmas Ornament Home Display, Large

A great way to display your favourite Swarovski ornaments

From £80.53

Swarovski Brilliant Heart 5063339

Swarovski Brilliant Heart

Exquisitely crafted by Swarovski for a dazzling sparkle

From £23.69

Swarovski Display Base, Large 5105865

Swarovski Display Base, Large

A simple yet elegant way to display Swarovski pieces

From £13

Swarovski Display Base, Medium 5105863

Swarovski Display Base, Medium

A create way to showcase your Swarovski pieces

Only £49

Swarovski Christmas Star Ornament 5064257

Swarovski Christmas Star Ornament

The perfect way to add sparkle to your Christmas tree

From £49

Swarovski Ambiray Cardholder 5064393

Swarovski Ambiray Cardholder

A stunning way to keep business cards together

From £463.20

Swarovski Large Buddha 5099353

Swarovski Large Buddha

A stunning piece designed to sparkle in the light

From £49

Swarovski Christmas Star Ornament, Golden Shadow 5064260

Swarovski Christmas Star Ornament, Golden Shadow

A beautiful piece to add glamour to the festive season

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