Swarovski Farm Animals

Here you will find a range of Swarovski items depicting farm animals, in realistic form.

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From £87.20

Swarovski Rooster 5135943

Swarovski Rooster

Celebrate the Year of the Rooster with this delightful piece

From £749

Swarovski Stallion, Golden Shine 5136836

Swarovski Stallion, Golden Shine

Add the beauty and power of the stallion to your home

From £299

Swarovski Stallion 5135909

Swarovski Stallion

A magnificent piece depicting a spritely stallion by Swarovski

From £159

Swarovski Horse 5135910

Swarovski Horse

The grace and beauty of horse brought to life

From £749

Swarovski Soulmates Stallion, Black 5124353

Swarovski Soulmates Stallion, Black

A stunning piece to add drama to your home

Only £636.65

Swarovski Stallion, Satin 1074793

Swarovski Stallion, Satin

A stunning stallion crafted from Crystal Satin for a dazzling sparkle

Only £699

Swarovski Horse, large 1055509

Swarovski Horse, large

A dazzling horse crafted from Crystal Golden Shine

From £138.95

Swarovski Sheep 1046180

Swarovski Sheep

A stunning sheep piece crafted from Silver Shade crystal

Only £930.76

Swarovski Soulmate Bull 1035340

Swarovski Soulmate Bull

A fiery and assertive bull in stunning high definition crafted from Silver Shade crystal

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