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Here you will find Swarovski ornaments of flowers. These intricate representations are beautiful and would make a great decorative ornament for any home.

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From £55.20

Swarovski Flower Dreams - Red Rose 5254323

Swarovski Flower Dreams - Red Rose

A colourful addition to your home this season

From £55.20

Swarovski Flower Dreams - Sunflower 5254311

Swarovski Flower Dreams - Sunflower

A great way to brighten up any room in your home

From £116.10

Swarovski Blossoming Rose 5248878

Swarovski Blossoming Rose

Exquisitely crafted to by fully faceted for added sparkle

From £167.20

Swarovski Rose 5249251

Swarovski Rose

A striking way to add sparkle and colour to your home

From £303.20

Swarovski Orchids 5243561

Swarovski Orchids

A delightful way to add glamour to your life

From £55.20

Swarovski Kris Bear A Sunflower for You 5268764

Swarovski Kris Bear A Sunflower for You

Add a touch of sunshine to your home

From £55.20

Swarovski Flower Dreams Orchid 5254318

Swarovski Flower Dreams Orchid

A dazzling piece featuring vivid, bold colours from Swarovski

From £173.95

Swarovski Red Hibiscus 5136828

Swarovski Red Hibiscus

Featuring breakthrough technology from Swarovski for a beautiful effect

From £254.15

Swarovski Peony 5136721

Swarovski Peony

Team with other floral pieces for a great display

From £116.10

Swarovski Blossoming Rose, Light 5094612

Swarovski Blossoming Rose, Light

A beautiful gift for a treasured friend whatever the occasion

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