Swarovski Pond Life

Ponds are full of life and so we thought it would be great to have a collection of Swarovski figurines depicting various creatures and mammals found in and around ponds.

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Only £59

Swarovski Frog 5243741

Swarovski Frog

A beautiful way to add sparkle to your life

From £167

Swarovski Swan, Small 5215947

Swarovski Swan, Small

A great addition to any Swaorvski collection this year

From £448.86

Swarovski Swan, Large 5215972

Swarovski Swan, Large

A great way to add sparkle to your look

Only £649

Swarovski Kingfisher Couple 5136835

Swarovski Kingfisher Couple

A colourful piece inspired by the beauty of kingfishers

From £177.34

Swarovski Swan Couple 5135936

Swarovski Swan Couple

A beautiful pair of Swans for a romantic touch

Only £69

Swarovski Lovlots In Love Angelo and Angelina Frogs 5136524

Swarovski Lovlots In Love Angelo and Angelina Frogs

Inspired by true love and given a fun twist by Swarovski

Only £79

Swarovski Lovlots In Love Claude and Claudine Flamingos  5136525

Swarovski Lovlots In Love Claude and Claudine Flamingos

The latest Lovlots pieces designed with romantic thoughts

Only £249

Swarovski Frogs 5136807

Swarovski Frogs

Add a dazzling sparkle and splash of colour to any home

Only £49

Swarovski Ducks (Set of 4) 5004695

Swarovski Ducks (Set of 4)

A delightful family scene to adorn your home

Only £635.53

Swarovski Mandarin Ducks, Topaz 1141631

Swarovski Mandarin Ducks, Topaz

A delightful pair of ducks to symbolise lasting love

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