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Swarovski rings are fantastic fashion accessories fusing style and modern designs with the elegance of gorgeous crystal. Swarovski rings offer a timeless feel and are made to superb standards.

Generally, three or four ring sizes are available in each style. Here is a ring sizing guide:

  • Europe 50 / USA 5 1⁄8 / Japan 9-10 / Korea 50 (S/9-10)
  • Europe 52 / USA 6 (S) / Japan 10-12 / Korea 52 (S/11-12)
  • Europe 55 / USA 7 (M) / Japan 13-15 / Korea 55 (M/14-15)
  • Europe 58 / USA 8 (L) / Japan 16-18 / Korea 58 (L/17-18)
  • Europe 60 / USA 9 (XL) / Japan 19-20 / Korea 60 (XL/19-20)

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From £42.64

Swarovski Rare Ring, Rose Gold (Size 58) 5032901

Swarovski Rare Ring, Rose Gold (Size 58)

Simple yet elegant, this piece is designed to sparkle

From £42.64

Swarovski Rare Ring (Size 58) 1121068

Swarovski Rare Ring (Size 58)

A simple yet elegant ring to wear alone or stack

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