Swarovski Wild Animals

The best ornaments (we think) have to be those that depict nature's wild animals. These majestic beasts roam the wild and are known for their strength, agility and notoriety. They also happen to make fine creatures to be crafted from gorgeous Swarovski crystal!

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From £223.20

Swarovski Elephant 5266336

Swarovski Elephant

The elephant - a symbol of strength, wisdom and good luck

From £63.20

Swarovski Rabbit 5266232

Swarovski Rabbit

A delightful way to add sparkle to your home

From £599.20

Swarovski Tiger 5136842

Swarovski Tiger

A stunning way to share your love of tigers

From £39.20

Swarovski Baby Rabbit 5135942

Swarovski Baby Rabbit

A delightful piece inspired by baby rabbits from Swaorvski

From £55.20

Swarovski Squirrel 5135941

Swarovski Squirrel

A cute piece to add sparkle to your home

From £223.20

Swarovski Hippopotamus Mother with Baby 5135920

Swarovski Hippopotamus Mother with Baby

Delightfully designed to show that special bond of love

From £68

Swarovski Lovlots In Love Paul and Paula Elephants 5136526

Swarovski Lovlots In Love Paul and Paula Elephants

A beautiful contrast of light blue and purple crystal

From £87.20

Swarovski Meerkats 5135929

Swarovski Meerkats

Fully faceted to ensure a dazzling sparkle effect

From £930.76

Swarovski  Soulmates Rhinoceros 5136804

Swarovski Soulmates Rhinoceros

A delightful piece designed to amaze and delight

From £119

Swarovski Stag Ornament 5135854

Swarovski Stag Ornament

A beautiful piece to add to your Swarovski collection

From £57.60

Swarovski Stag Ornament, Small 5135847

Swarovski Stag Ornament, Small

A great way to add sparkle to your Christmas

Only £69.99

Swarovski Doe with Santas Hat 5135853

Swarovski Doe with Santa's Hat

A fun and festive piece to adorn your home

From £223.20

Swarovski Panda Mother with Baby 5063690

Swarovski Panda Mother with Baby

A stunning piece conveying the intimacy of motherhood

Only £159

Swarovski Chimpanzee and Baby 5063689

Swarovski Chimpanzee and Baby

A beautiful piece from Swarovski to symbolise motherly love

Only £99

Swarovski Rabbit with Roses 5063338

Swarovski Rabbit with Roses

A cute rabbit featuring a trio of red roses

From £930.76

Swarovski Soulmates Black Bull 5079250

Swarovski Soulmates Black Bull

A stunning piece capturing the raw power of the bull

From £68

Swarovski Penguin Mother with Baby 5043728

Swarovski Penguin Mother with Baby

A beautiful piece celebrating the bond of mother and child

Only £249

Swarovski Lion Mother 1194085

Swarovski Lion Mother

Team this piece with the lion cubs for a great family scene

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