Blue Maurice Swarovski USB Memory Key Review

We use technology everyday and a USB memory stick is a must nowadays. It replaces the humble floppy disk as the ultimate portable device ideal for moving files from one computer to another, or for keeping backups.

These handy gadgets haven't escaped the attention of Swarovski who have created an entire range of USB memory sticks complete with Swarovski crystal detailing.

The kind folks at Swarovski have sent us over one of the very first Swarovski USB pen drives that went on sale called Maurice to test and review.

All boxed up

Maurice is presented in a traditional and iconic Swarovski blue box. This thick dark blue cardboard box emblazoned with the swan logo offers a peep-hole inside with the ever-so cute Maurice staring back. He's held safe in a plastic tray covered in a soft white felt-like material. Maurice is part of the Active Crystals range, a range of technological gadgets from Swarovski which have received the sparkle treatment.

Maurice is a friendly light blue bird with a round body, a fringe and a wing that points to the right. His eyes are made from round black crystals whilst his nose is a triangular clear crystal. His outspread wing is then adorned with a range of grey, blue and clear crystals that sparkle and glisten in the light. At the top is a silver toned key chain clip meaning you can attach him to a set of keys or a bag so as not to lose him.

Maurice on display

We love his cute expression accentuated by the fact that his eyes are two different sized crystals.

Proudly displaying his outstretched wing

We also love the detailing on the wing and the way in which the crystals have been chosen. Rather than using a single bland colour Swarovski have used a palette of complimentary tones together with crystals of assorted sizes to create great depth and texture. The gradient of colours from grey through to blue and onto clear crystal helps to add an extra level of sophistication to this product.

A close up of the crystals

You may be wondering how Maurice plugs into your computer. Well it's a bit painful for him as you need to pull is wing off to reveal the USB connector! It's most likely going to be the most flashiest device you've ever plugged into your computer though, so that will lessen the pain! Whilst it's a very sleek and sophisticated USB pen drive we were concerned the wing might pull off whilst he's stored safely inside your bag or pocket. Thankfully, Swarovski have integrated a click mechanism meaning when you slide the wing back on, it clicks into place rather than just sliding on as with some other USB memory sticks.

The USB connector

Maurice was designed in Paris and manufactured in China. At the time of release (2010) it was compatible with computers offering a USB 1.1 or USB 2.0 port and running Windows 7, Vista, XP, ME, or 2000, MAC OS X or Linux 2.6.0.

Due to his small size (he's around 3cm in height and 4cm in width - including the wing) he's perfectly portable. We reckon he's perfect for fun loving students who need to transfer coursework between school, college or university and a home computer. He's also great for office or remote workers who deal with file transfers on a regular basis.

With a hefty 4GB capacity it's perfect for transferring coursework as well as backing up important files such as precious photographs. Let's face it we all know we should back up files but frequently forget - and then regret it when it's too late. With sweet Maurice on your desk or key chain you're not likely going to forget from now on!

The baby blue colour means it's ideal for men as well as women. It's the ultimate geeky gift and will be loved by computer addicts everywhere.

Overall, we really do adore Maurice - he's a very practical yet stylish USB memory device and is a great way to bling up a dreary computer experience.

As Maurice was one of the first USB memory stick devices from Swarovski he's now a rarity to find. There are still a few available on auction websites like eBay (see the latest offers here). He has been superseded with a fantastic variety of USB devices including the fabulous range of Crystalline USB memory sticks.

This article was published on Monday 11th February 2013 and any products or offers featured in it may be unavailable now. Where prices are mentioned, these may have since changed from when this article was originally written.

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