Swarovski Crystal Copper Squirrel Review

It's officially autumn and with it the landscape will soon change to browns and coppers. It's very appropriate then that the kind people at F. Hinds sent me a Swarovski Squirrel in Crystal Copper to review.

The squirrel comes delivered in a cylindrical blue Swarovski box and is safely secured between a folded piece of black foam. Inside rests this gorgeous and playful piece. First impressions are that I love the cute, slightly inquisitive, expression on his face.

Squirrel from the front

This is an eye-catching piece and I think that's mainly down to the crystal used. Whilst it looks to be a copper colour, when it reflects the light back you get certain purple hues. This is because the squirrel is actually crafted from violet crystal which has a copper coating. It certainly adds to the piece and makes it distinctive, especially under bright white LED light.

The purple hue refraction

The fully faceted design helps to maximise the surfaces light cn bounce off and depending on the angle you sometimes get copper reflections, clear white reflections and purple-hue reflections. To be fully appreciated you need to observe this piece from all angles making him the ideal candidate for a rotating stand in your display cabinet.

Squirrel from behind

As I said earlier I'm drawn to this piece initially because of the squirrel's cute face. It's adopted the inquisitive stance that most squirrels adopt when observing its surroundings. The eyes are wide and the nose is out detecting important scents. Both the nose and eyes on this model are crafted from jet black crystal.

The big bushy tail of this crystal version of a red squirrel is furled and expertly recreated perfectly. You could just imagine him twitching it.

His paws

His paws are together and are ready for his next move. The feet look very angular which contrasts with the soft and bubbly feel of the rest of the piece. Perhaps they are a practical addition and necessary for stability?

His feet

Overall though this is a magnificent piece. It would be at home with other crystal woodland items but equally it would add a lovely colour contrast to an existing Swarovski collection. It's got an autumnal feeling about it, mainly due to the burnt copper colour with the purple refractions offering a glimmer of warmth and depth. It's one of my favourite pieces thanks to this.

This squirrel was sent to me to review by F. Hinds and you can find out more about it here.

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That is so cute!!!! Oh my god, I'd like to have that crystal squirrel!! This can be a wonderful addition to my crystal collection. I really like it and I am sure my daughter would love this as well. Crystals can really be a nice center piece in our house.
Nancy Weaver on Tuesday 8th October 2013

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