Swarovski Christmas Annual Edition 2013 Ornament Review

And so in the blink of an eye it's nearly Christmas (again). I seem to have lost the year somewhere. But whilst for some Christmas is an unbearable time for others (myself included) it's a wonderful time, not least because it's time for an annual favourite - the Swarovski Christmas star!

I have been collecting these for a few years and normally receive them for Christmas from my family but this year I've beaten them to it thanks to special offers showcased on Gifts of Crystal. The best bit is that as I have it early I can review it here!

The outer box

The Christmas Ornament, Annual Edition 2013 comes presented as in previous years in a deep blue triangular box. Lifting the lid reveals the stunning crystal star held in place on a faux velvet tray.

The inner tray

Starting at the top the crystal star hangs from a white satin ribbon. A tiny metallic plate is stamped with the year "2013". This then leads onto the majestic eight spoke snowflake star design crafted from clear crystal.

If you are unfamiliar with the tradition, each year since 1991 Swarovski have launched a Christmas star in around September. Each year's snowflake/star is designed uniquely, just like a real snowflake I suppose, so that no two stars in their 22 year history are the same.

The beautiful star

Due to their limited product range and availability (usually September to December for the stars, with surplus stock available from a very small selection of retailers thereafter) the stars appreciate in value dramatically, especially for older stars. For example, I just searched eBay for the 1991 star (which happened to come in a red box back then) and can buy it for a mere £1,200! £2,100 can buy me the three stars of 1991, 1992 and 1993 in a multi-pack offer, a snip at just £700 each!

A side view

It's never to late to start a brand new collection and the 2013 annual edition is a great place to begin your new hobby. This year's piece has been designed by Elisabeth Adamer, the same designer as last year's star. As you can see the shape is entirely different from her previous creation. Her 2012 star offered a certain vintage feel whilst this year's star is more sleek, sophisticated and modern looking.

The clever inner star

I really love this year's take on the star and the elegant multi-faceted design. The star-within-the-star design is a playful touch created as a result of what looks like eight diamond shapes coming together to form the snowflake pattern.

Shimmering in the light

Displaying your annual editions is a personal choice. There's a stand available from Swarovski (also designed by Elisabeth Adamer) which is a lovely way to display the current year's star together with another piece, such as the Swarovski Christmas Ball Ornament. On the opposite end of the scale I saw a stunning shop window display in New York City a few years back that displayed literally hundreds of Swarovski stars in a mesmerising pattern. Some people hang them on their Christmas tree, others as part of a small window display so as to catch the sunlight and others leave them safely in the box.

The versatility of the stars is why they make such wonderful gifts. It's all too easy to buy friends and family meaningless presents at Christmas. The Swarovski annual edition ornament offers a luxurious alternative. It's not a large gift in size (approximately 7.4cm x 8.1cm) but it is a powerful one. It shows you care and that is synonymous with the meaning of Christmas. At £49 it is also great value too!

You can buy the Swarovski Christmas Annual Edition 2013 Ornament here from a range of stockists. It's only manufactured in 2013 and will become hard to find by early next year.

This article was published on Monday 18th November 2013 and any products or offers featured in it may be unavailable now. Where prices are mentioned, these may have since changed from when this article was originally written.

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