Swarovski Christmas Ball Ornament Annual Edition 2013 Review

The kind people over at David Shuttle recently sent me a Swarovski bauble ornament to review. This is a new product from Swarovski for Christmas 2013 and perhaps the start of a new annual tradition, especially given it's title!

The outer box

The Christmas decoration arrives in a large square dark blue Swarovski box. The ornament itself rests on a black foam insert to help protect it. It's a very fragile piece indicated by the fact that the year tag on mine was taped down for transit.

Inside the box

The Swarovski Christmas Ball Ornament Annual Edition 2013 is a glass bauble decorated on the outside base with hundreds of tiny crystals. Inside is a faceted Christmas tree.

The ball has been designed Eva Maria Ried, designer of several previous pieces including the Swarovski Magical Christmas Tree.  It's a quintessentially festive decoration that simply oozes festive charm and appeal.

The bauble

The bauble is designed using clear materials with the only colour (if you can really call it that) coming from the white satin ribbon and the metallic tag imprinted with the year "2013".

The crystals on the base

The Christmas tree is crafted from Crystal Moonlight whilst the external crystal decoration is crafted from Crystal Rock. I can only imagine these have been glued on and they are incredibly delicate. I noticed one had fallen off during transit and whilst it's difficult to see where from, it's imperative you treat the ornament with the utmost of care.

A closeup of the base

Personally, I would love to add this to my Christmas tree but I wouldn't trust it would be safe there. Instead I'm considering buying the multi-purpose Swarovski Christmas Ornament Home Display to display both this and an annual star ornament safely and elegantly. Regardless of where you display it, this ball ornament deserves to be showcased as it's a beautiful piece, with a strong wintry feel.

A wintry scene

I love the craftsmanship and level of detailing here. Looking at the bauble at a certain angle the exterior decorations come up to meet the interior tree decoration, making it look like a tree emerging from a snowy landscape. My favourite view is looking up and the bauble as the hundreds of tiny crystals individually and collectively play with the light creating the most beautiful sparkle. The three dimensional tree itself is marvellous too.

The Christmas tree

Unlike the annual Christmas star which feels like a great gift for friends and family this bauble feels more intimate than that. This is more of a gift for a loved one, perhaps your partner or your child (as it's not a toy and needs to be cared for it comes with a suggested minimum age of 15 years or above). It's a symbolic gift, perhaps for a family spending their first Christmas together in a new home or perhaps for a family with a new baby experiencing Christmas for the first time. It's something to be treasured for many years to come.

This Swarovski bauble does feel like a product that will be back again in 2014 with a different design, perhaps a different interior but the same exterior. I'm not sure how long this product range can continue as unlike the snowflake star ornaments, presumably there's a finite number of elements that could be showcased (a Christmas tree, Santa Claus, a reindeer and perhaps a present). Personally I'd love to see the ever-popular Swarovski Poinsettia featured in a future piece.

Nevertheless this is the first edition of what is being called an annual edition so one product very much worthwhile buying this year.

You can buy the Swarovski Christmas Ball Ornament Annual Edition 2013 from David Shuttle here.

This article was published on Monday 18th November 2013 and any products or offers featured in it may be unavailable now. Where prices are mentioned, these may have since changed from when this article was originally written.

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