Swarovski Kiosque Evening Bag Review

Today I am reviewing the Swarovski Kiosque Evening Bag which was kindly sent to me by Swarovski a while ago. It is now a discontinued piece which is such a shame as this is one of my all time favourite evening bags that Swarovski have ever produced.

Swarovski Kiosque Evening Bag (865282)

The bag arrived in a dark blue Swarovski box and was wrapped up in white tissue paper to keep it safe and secure during transit.

The evening bag

As you can see the rectangular bag is simply amazing. It is studded entirely in Clear Crystal Mesh minaudier, small clear Swarovski crystals that is similar in style to the crystal pave technique they use in a lot of designs lately. Perhaps this was the precursor to that.

A closeup of the crystals

This is definitely a very glamorous bag and whilst its number one aim is to dazzle and attract attention (which it effortlessly does) it is also very practical.It measures approximately 12cm in length, 8cm in height and around 4 cm in depth meaning you can fit a surprising amount in there. There's room for a purse, a mobile phone and a few items such as lipstick or other essentials.

The magnetic clasp

Depending upon your perspective the opening mechanism can be a very practical means or it can be a hindrance. The bag has a strong magnetic clasp on the top of it (which has the Swarovski name printed on it). Pulling on this opens the side of the bag rather than the top. In an ideal world a top opening bag would be a safer prospect but a side opening bag does offer the ability to quickly and easily find whatever it is you are after. I suppose it comes down to your own preference. Bearing in mind it is an evening bag rather than a handbag then it is probably something quite immaterial especially when you look at the dazzle!

Inside the bag

Inside the bag is a fabric coating featuring the Swarovski Swanflower pattern in a grey pink-purple taupe colour. Fabric flaps to either side of the opening prevent the bag from being opened too far which would risk damaging it.

Swanflower pattern

The evening bag itself is firm rather than a flexible fabric. It has a decent weight behind it that is reassuring rather than too heavy. It hangs on a long rhodium plated snake chain that nicely compliments the bag.

The snake chain

So why is this one of my favourite Swarovski bags of all time? It's a bold statement but I think it is a well deserved accolade based solely on its ability to dazzle. It's covered with hundreds of good sized Swarovski crystals, and each one dances and toys with the light. It's an eye catching bag and it is deserving of being used for the most glamorous and elegant of events. It's a conversation starter, it's an eye catcher and it's a beautiful fashion accessory.

It is such a shame it has been discontinued but its spirit lives on in current evening bags on offer by Swarovski, especially the power range of evening bags.

I recorded this video of the Swarovski Kiosque Evening Bag as it gives you an idea of just how much this gorgeous bag sparkles!

This article was published on Tuesday 20th May 2014 and any products or offers featured in it may be unavailable now. Where prices are mentioned, these may have since changed from when this article was originally written.

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Iíve searching this bag for a long time... I need it for my wedding.. can u please tell me where Iíll find it.. please
Lydia Fernandes on Thursday 21st January 2021

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